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Its all about your families...

Forever Remember is a new concept in providing your funeral home or cemetery with the very latest in service personalization. Online obituaries are fast becoming a popular way for families and friends to desimate information about the death of a loved one and to provide assistance in grief. There are several online obituary services available but most provide a very poor option to funeral home and cemetery owners.

The typical online obitaury service company provides your family with a free "death-notice" for a short-term. This "free" service is a loss-leader for an option to purchase a more enhanced, longer-term memorial web site for, usually, hundreds of dollars. Most times, the funeral home or cemetery is given a single web page or an over-simplified web site and are considered part of "the network". This "network" is really serving the interests of the obituary service company by providing many entry points to sell your families additional services.

Some funeral homes and cemeteries have been able to provide online obituaries and memorial pages to their families on their own, but this is a very expensive option. Normally it would cost thousands of dollars to contract programmers to create a customized application. Some funeral home and cemetery owners/managers have even tried to learn web site programming on their own, taking valuable time away from running their business, just to end up with something that is just not quite ready for public use.

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Now there is an alternative! An inexpensive alternative! An elegant, self-maintained, self-branded alternative! Forever Remembered®.

Forever Remembered® is the online obituary service like no other.
  • Display only your branded identity
  • Offer on your existing web site or get a fresh new web site
  • An online obiutary service for you and your families
  • Online obituaries that you create and edit
  • Provide online obituareis from your web site for any price you wish, even at no charge
  • Draw families to your web site, not someone else's
  • Assist your families wtih the high-cost of newspaper obituaries
  • Technology that demonstrates your comittment to your families and the communities that you serve
  • And much more!

As a progressive, service-oriented, death-care professional, you are aware of the benefits of the Internet to the families you serve and for the marketing of your services – otherwise, you would not be on this web site. Well, now is your opportunity to put this awareness into action. Click here to learn more about our online obituary services, click here to learn more about our web marketing services and click here to learn more about out company. Whatever you do, remember, it is all about your families!

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